Most of us who have ordered from Amazon in the past will know just how quick and easy it is to place an order online, especially since they introduced the one click order option. Well i’m sure there will be many pleased customers looking forward to Amazon’s new ‘click and collect’ feature, which is sure to get them ahead of the game, when they start installing collection lockers in major shopping centers throughout the country.

No more waiting in all day for your parcel to arrive, no more missing the delivery while you’re having a quick shower, you will simply be able to nip into your local shopping center at a time that is convenient for you.

The new ‘click and collect’ scheme from Amazon is specifically designed for those people who work and cannot be at home when their parcel arrives, It is sure to be a big hit and will certainly give many customers a lot of satisfaction and confidence in Amazon’s service.

This is not one of those ideas that are talked about, only to find that they never come to fruition, this is something which is expected to start rolling out in a matter of days, never mind months or years!

Amazon has reached an agreement with Land Securities, shopping center owners, to install the collection lockers in a selection of shopping center properties within the London area, where it is expected the scheme will launch as early as next week.

As you might have guessed the system is very simple but very effective, when you place your order online you will receive a code which you use to access the locker, allowing you to retrieve your parcel at a convenient time. A simple yet genius idea, which I for one am surprised we haven’t seen long before now, chances are it’s only going to be a matter of time before other large online retailers follow suite.

What are your thoughts on this new feature from Amazon, will it benefit you? Hav you come across any online retailers offering a similar service already? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Smart idea. It must have been done before somewhere – would be interested to hear how it works in practise.

    Surely a network of these lockers could be built up by a private company that then charges multiple retailers a nominal fee to deposit items in them.

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