Custom Email Templates and Marketing Campaigns

Your customers deserve up-to-the-minute notifications for new product or service offers, merchandise rollout, items that come back in or go out of stock, promotions, discounts, and other time-sensitive updates that serve to improve upon the buyer relationships you’ve worked so hard to build. Touch base with customers periodically to remind them why they bought from you in the first place, and you’ll keep them coming back.
So why opt for email marketing services rather than jump into do-it-yourselfer mode and send traditional emails on your own?
Email marketing offers swift delivery of notifications and company info that won’t get lost in the spam filters. Having a more professional, branded layout provides the kind of consistency that promotes an elevated level of trust, and a custom template displays your unique logo and graphics within each email, letting customers identify with your brand quickly while tempting them to browse the contents of each email. And on top of all that, there are tons of unique features that traditional email templates just don’t let you include.

Unique & customised layout

Send me your graphics, email list, and logo, and I’ll discuss the messages you need to be delivered. I’ll then create a unique, customised layout that includes audience-appropriate content to launch upon your approval.
Have a lengthy email list on your hands? I offer worry-free list building and management so you can get back to business. Let me set up your custom email auto-responder to send welcome messages or feedback requests with no maintenance required.
I’ll track responses to see who opens, reads and forwards their emails. I’ll also monitor clicks to determine which email segments are most popular, as well as keep an eye out for unsubscribes. My tracking reveals specific customer preferences, helping you strengthen future emails by including more targeted material.
Integrate in-demand technologies directly into your emails. Impress customers while supplying convenience with embedded RSS blog posts, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media links.
Kick off your new-and-improved email marketing campaign today. Contact me now to get started.

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