Intuitive Design for Increased Customer Retention

Your virtual storefront is the central monetising area of your business, and it pays to create an E-commerce site that caters to buyers’ needs as efficiently as possible. Provide enticing, persuasive features that hit the mark, and watch your business grow and thrive beyond your wildest expectations. However, slack on design, navigational, and user experience (UX) aspects, and see a sudden downturn in customer retention and conversions. So what differentiates booming E-commerce sites from those that often get overlooked or don’t convert once a visitor takes a look around?
It takes a layered, strategic approach to design and implement an online shop that rakes in. I take excellent, well-thought-out steps to create a custom E-commerce site that speaks to the target market for your business’ services or products. It is a process that begins with detailed consumer research, followed by targeted site optimisation and the use of strategic design. Enhancing site usability for converting customers is a no-brainer, but I am dedicated to persuading the not-so-convinced visitors too.a

Give customers complete control of their experience

There’s nothing a customer appreciates more than transactional security, especially when purchasing within an online marketplace. I enhance site security by integrating trusted; encrypted electronic funds transfer software for safer online shopping.
Navigation should be straightforward and cater to the desire to select items and purchase promptly. I design user-friendly menus that categorise things intelligently, and order of listings is prioritised based on which items or services are most relevant to your target audience’s needs.
Item accessibility is vital, and I create filtered on-site product searching tools to aid in the search process. Searches provide logical categories, such as price, vendor, and brand, allowing buyers to pinpoint items effortlessly.
Your E-commerce site’s landing page needs to entice and exemplify the best you have to offer if it is going to convert customers. I will work to create a feature-filled landing page that showcases exclusive offers, promotional items, and frequently searched or purchased items.
Shipment and billing can make or break a sale if page content and buttons are confusing or difficult to use. Give customers complete control of their experience by offering options to de-select items, change quantity and specifications, or continue browsing before buying. Simple shipping forms make checkout a snap and detailed email follow-up options, including order confirmation and tracking, build trust and encourage future purchases.
For these and more E-commerce enhancement options, get in touch today. I will work to develop a user-friendly storefront that’s built to meet the specific needs of your business and its customers.

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