What is conversion rate optimisation?

Ever wish you could learn exactly how your customers tick? By gaining a deeper understanding of the desires and motivations behind buyer actions, it is easier to reduce visitor bounce rate and improve the number of customers that convert.

Taking time to understand your audience is a big step towards growing and retaining your customer base, but it is just the tip of the iceberg regarding discovering which improvements you should make to existing campaigns and specific aspects of your website.

Conversion rate optimisation is sometimes hit or miss, but it does not have to be, and definitely won’t be a shot in the dark on my watch.

I use real, proven methods to generate more targeted leads, garner positive community feedback, and improve feedback mechanisms, helping you formulate a more customer-focused branding strategy that highly appeals to your target market. The result? Quick, practical implementations that drastically increase conversions.

How is it done?

First, I will work to define your business’ key performance indicators (KPI) and discuss your goals to determine how they stack up against your existing strategy.

In-depth analysis of your website from a customer standpoint reveals possible reasons that your customers are not converting. I will also identify any areas that could benefit from improvement, such as outdated autoresponder software, ineffective email marketing campaigns, and un-focused (or non-existent) affiliate programs.

I will tap into unexplored traffic opportunities by analysing your traffic sources and ramp up campaigning efforts accordingly. I will collect geographic, demographic and behavioural data using hidden resources, such as heatmapping, product/consumer review websites, forums, website usability testing, opinion polls and surveys to understand consumer motivations.

Based on consumer research, I will implement test strategies that reveal what works best. Continued statistical analysis ensures that results-yielding strategies are tracked and accounted for so that best practices can be put into place. I will help you hear your customers, find out what’s lacking, and deliver it.

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